5 Types Of Awesome Visual Content


To make your content stand out amid all the Facebook status updates, blog posts, and Tweets, one of the best things to try is visual content. Visuals help engage the reader and make your brand stand out. Here are five types of visual content that are sure to separate your brand from the rest:

1) Eye Catching Photos: using photographs for your visual content is at the top of the list for several reasons. They are great way to share behind-the-scenes shots of your brand and they are also perfect for showcasing your product or service in action

2) Branded Images: once your company has a logo, a color scheme, and a signature design, branded images are the next step to building your brand’s appearance. One of the main things to consider when creating these images is the tone or voice of your company, because you’ll want to find the best images to capture it

3) Data Visualizations: Facts, figures, statistics; all of these can be very boring to readers if you don’t present them in just the right way. Visuals are a great way to showcase data in an interesting, easy to understand format that will draw readers. Try using graphs and diagrams with a variety of bright, vibrant designs to make your data striking and appealing

4) Infographics: People love infographics. Studies actually show that they are shared three times more than any other type of visual content. One of the main perks of using infographics is that they are simple and eye-catching, and they communicate a lot of information in a quick, concise manner. They are a great way to present your information without any complications, and people find them fun to read and share with friends

5) Videos: many studies show that more than 4 million videos are viewed each day, but only 9% of companies use this medium for their brand. Videos are one of the best multimedia techniques, and there’s a lot of potential and room for experimentation. Using videos gives the reader a better sense of the purpose of your business by creating a unique voice and sound, and they are also engaging and entertaining for your audience