5 Tips to Create an Engaging Facebook Business Page



When you set up a Facebook page for your business, leads and customers are not going to show up without some work and planning on your part. Here are five tips to help you build an engaging and successful Facebook page:

1. Add a Recognizable Profile Picture: Whether it is your brand’s logo, a headshot, or something else, you should choose a profile picture that your customers will recognize. You want fans to be able to find your page without any trouble, and since your profile picture will be displayed anywhere you post, you’ll want to choose a good one

2. Choose an Engaging Cover Photo: After picking the right profile picture, you’ll need to choose a great cover photo. You’ll want it to be engaging and high-quality, as it is prominently featured on your Facebook page

3. Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Cover Photo: Facebook has a feature which allows you to add “sign up”, “shop now”, “contact us”, “book now”, “use app”, “watch a video”, and “play now” as calls to action for your cover photo, and you’re able to add a link to the button to direct it to the destination you want. This is a great way to generate traffic, and it’s easy to do. Click “create call-to-action” on your cover photo, choose the button you want, add the link, and you’re good to go

4. Post Different Types Of Content: Photos and videos are some of the most engaging types of content, so you’ll want to post them when you can. However, you should also try some different types of content, such as links and articles, to keep your viewers interested

5. Post Lead-Generation and Non-Lead-Generating Content: While it’s great to generate leads from your Facebook page, you want to keep a balance between lead-generating posts (offers such as webinars, downloads, etc) and posts meant only to engage customers. This mixture of these two types of posts is much more appealing and engaging to your audience than posting only lead-gen content