Mobile has become a huge part of content marketing in the past few years, especially videos on mobile. According to Bytemobile, videos make up 50% of mobile traffic. Not using videos in your marketing strategy can be a very big mistake, because incorporating them could boost your traffic in a major way.

With that in mind, here are 4 types of awesome videos you need to use now:

Interactive: These types of videos let viewers engage with what they watch to some extent. Interactive videos have lots of different uses that allow users to make different choices regarding what they watch. One option is to create a news round-up and let users choose what stories they want to view. Fashion websites also use interactive videos to let users pick styles or products they like the best, such as this video from

Review: These videos are used to review different businesses, services and products. They’re great for reviewing your own company or service to showcase its different aspects and benefits. But keep in mind that while you can use review videos to teach viewers about your business, you don’t want it to become an advertisement, so you’ll want to avoid having a biased viewpoint in the video. This video from Livefyre is a great example of a business review video.

Testimonial: The purpose of testimonial videos are to have customers, other businesses, and vendors talk about experiences they’ve had with your company. They’re great for showcasing the best aspects of your product or service, and inviting users or partners to be in the video is a terrific way to engage the audience. The one big mistake you’ll want to avoid is creating fake testimonial videos; you want them to be as authentic as possible.

Blog: These videos are significantly more casual than those previously mentioned. The purpose of blog videos are to support or enhance content on your blog. They can be used to give tips and hacks to your viewers, and they also serve to give a face and personality to your company. One of the main things to keep in mind with these videos is that they should be fairly short, and they should connect to the content without being repetitive.