When companies send mass emails with the goal of getting lots of opens, they’re pretty ineffective. Sending the same email to a broad range of customers makes it much harder to get them to click and convert, because the emails are not tailored to their interests or needsThe greatest potential benefit for your company are from promotional emails based on previous experiences and purchases of your customersRather than sending out a generic email to a lot of different people, send out specific emails to certain people based off of their previous experience with your company. 

Promotional emails based on customer data are much more effective, but they haven’t become widely used yet; which is a great opportunity for you. Here are four ways your company can take advantage of behavioral-based promotional emails:

1. Hook Customers With Welcome Emails: Instead of using your time to make a generic promotional email, you should try creating a welcome email. These are a critical tool to get new customers on board, ensuring you have engaged with them immediately. There are several ways to present welcome emails: you can show new customers some of your best products, encourage them to add more info to their profiles, or get them logged in so that they can view your products. Whichever you choose, when done right, welcome emails are perfect for drawing in new customers

2. Bring Them Back With Reminders: Often times, potential customers will leave without completing a purchase or converting. One way to avoid this is by sending them a friendly reminder to nudge them in the right direction. When doing this, you have a few different options: you can send them abandoned shopping cart emails, “are you still interested?” messages, or inactivity emails, all with the goal of bringing them back to your business

3. Make Sure They Renew: Many customers who subscribe or purchase your service or product come back at regular intervals, and sending reminder emails is a great strategy. Send users a quick email letting them know it’s time to renew their subscription or stock up on a product; emails that are helpful to users are much more effective than advertisements or promos

4. Top It Off With Transactional Emails: Once you’ve passed all of the other hurdles and a customer has bought your product, the next step is to send them an email receipt. According to Experian, transactional emails are opened eight times more than promotional emails. Plus, to make them even more enticing, you can include referral codes and discounts to keep them coming back