Email click-through rates are important for every business marketer, and are a far better indication of engagement than just email opens. In addition, click-throughs can boost your site visits, profits and sender reputation. But clicks are hard to obtain and often times, readers will lose interest before they even take the time to read your emails.Here’s four simple tips to avoid this and increase your email click-through rate:

      • Make Your Content Mobile Responsive: Your emails will be viewed on all types of devices: laptops, tablets, iPhones. To increase your click-through rate, the layout of your emails should be mobile responsive so that the reader will be able to appreciate the email’s content and so they won’t get frustrated by its incompatibility with their device.
      • Relate To The Reader: If your email doesn’t apply to the reader, they will most likely be uninterested and choose not to click through. To interest your subscribers, target specific aspects or features so that your emails are relevant. Gender, age, and product preferences are specifications that should be taken into consideration when you refine the emails for the customers.
      • Make Your Emails More Social: Studies have shown that emails with sharing options get nearly 2x the click rate. In addition, our clients report that emails with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram content get 30-70% higher clicks than their emails that don’t.
      • Subject Lines: To catch your reader’s eye before they even open the email, a good subject line is key. Keep the title short and simple to engage the reader, and include their name or other personal information to show that it relates to them. Using a fact or a question as the subject is another strategy that is shown to intrigue the reader and convince them to click through.