If you’re using brand-owned and fan-generated social media content in your email marketing campaigns, you’re probably seeing some awesome results from your efforts. (If you haven’t taken the leap into social email, what’s holding you back?) You can also use social email with internal teams to drive your brand’s success. Here are three potential outcomes of creating social email digests for internal teams.


Keeping employees informed about your brand’s marketing efforts. Product managers can benefit from social email digests in a couple of ways. Brand-owned social media content keeps them informed about how their products are being marketed. Perhaps more importantly, fan-generated social media content lets them know how customers are using their products. Product managers can learn a lot about how to innovate their products when they listen in on their fans’ social media conversations.

Enabling salespeople. Your sales team can stand to gain from social email digests, too. Their efforts can be exactly on message if they’re aware of the latest brand-owned social media content. Knowing what fans are saying on social media can help them fine-tune their efforts at getting prospects through the sales funnel. (It might prove useful to share negative social media posts with your sales team—things you probably wouldn’t share with your email subscribers—so they won’t get blindsided by prospects raising the issues!)

Getting employees to share your brand’s social content. Social media amplifies the voice of everyone in your organization. So whether or not they have “marketing” in their title, every employee can be a marketer. By sharing your brand’s social media content in an internal email digest, you make it simple for employees to share the best content with their own networks. Employees might miss a fan’s Tweet about how awesome a new product is, but when they see the Tweet given a second life in an internal email digest, they can Retweet it to their followers. Brand-owned and fan-generated messages can get more reach by way of all your teams.

What else? Have you considered using social email for internal teams?

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