Email marketing campaigns often use social share buttons, and for good reason. According to GetResponse, emails with share buttons have a 158% higher click-through-rate than those without. The five share buttons with the highest CTR are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. If you don’t include share buttons yet, here’s three reasons why you should:

1) New Potential Customers: it isn’t always possible to reach every potential customer for your business, but social share buttons increase the likelihood of your content being seen by new readers. Including share buttons makes it easier to increase your brand’s exposure on the web to gain new customers

2) Search Engine Ranking: when your content is shared on social media sites, it determines the strength of that link. The more your content is shared, the stronger the link, which improves your search engine ranking. Social share buttons make it easier for readers to share the content from your emails, which boosts your overall ranking on the web

3) Improved Customer Experience: readers don’t want to go through a lengthy process to share content on the web, and often they will be discouraged to do so if it is unnecessarily complicated. Social share buttons make it easier for users to share content on their social media accounts, which improves their overall experience while also increasing CTR and search engine ranking