Coming up with fresh ideas for emails and promos can be a major hassle when you’re juggling countless other tasks. Every marketer can use some inspiration from time to time, so here are 12 unique ideas for your email marketing, one for every month of the year:


Today is Data Privacy Day and tomorrow is National Corn Chip Day, so you can see there are a wide assortment of fun and interesting holidays in January. Use this opportunity to share something unique about your company and staff. This is a great chance to send out a creative email highlighting a special or different product from your company.


Get your readers engaged by asking them what they love as Valentine’s Day rolls around. Try asking them what their favorite products, brands, or services are, and encourage them to share their stories, especially with references to the lovey-dovey holiday.


With March Madness on the horizon, crowds flock to sports-themed events and products. You don’t have to sell sports products to play into this theme: try sending emails with a photo or video contest and encourage your readers to send in their own photos and videos to participate.


This month, try including a video about your company or services in your emails. Make sure it’s short and to the point, but don’t be afraid to include some humor to appeal to your audience. After all, April Fool’s Day is on April 1st.


Spring is in the air, and with it comes the feeling of a fresh start. Send an exciting ‘where we’ve been and were we are going” email to recap your company’s accomplishments thus far through the year, plus a few hints as to what might be coming next.


With warm weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to check-up on your welcome email. Draw in new customers who have recently bought a product or service. Give your new customers an exclusive special and encourage them to come back.


With the Fourth of July at the beginning of this month, try sending an email to tie in with the holiday celebration. Offer party tips, discounts on products or services, or connect your products to the holiday in another way. If you want some flair, throw in some fireworks, too!


Celebrate Relaxation Day on August 15th by sending an email that highlights how simple, easy, and relaxing your customer experience is. Highlight some ways that your services make life easier, or offer a simple way for subscribers to save money with your company.


During this busy, back-to-school time of year, it’s a great opportunity to send a “Last Chance” email. Highlight a sale that’s ending soon or a product that will only be available for a limited-time, to create a sense of urgency.


This month, try sending an email to celebrate the invention of emailback in October of 1971. Include a refer-a-friend benefit for your customers to honor how far email has come and boost your subscriber base. Make sure your welcome email is set to go.


This month, it’s all about being thankful, so create and post a testimonial video. Tell customers why you’re thankful to offer the products you do, and use some testimonials to share great customer experiences.


Celebrate National Cookie Day this holiday season. Send an email with a recipe for some yummy cookies, and offer a “cookie” (discount or reward) for customers who make a purchase or sign up. Nom nom nom…