It is more important than ever that your emails be mobile ready. Mobile has fought its way to the top of the email charts. Here’s what you could be missing if you aren’t going mobile:

More opens when email is mobile optimized

More emails are opened on mobile devices than any other platform. Mobile emails make up over 51% of all of the email opens. If your emails aren’t mobile ready, you’re missing out.

Mobile emails get more shares than desktop emails. Readers are two times more likely to share an email through a mobile device than any other platform (ShareThis). Make sure that your share options are front and center on your mobile optimized emails.

Reach your customers whenever they’re free. We are attached to our smart phones. 77% of smart phone owners check their email first thing in the morning (emailmonday), and 91% of people check their email at least once a day. Be there when your customers check their email, whether it be on their phone or their desktop.