Twitter's Lead Generation Card

You have probably heard of the Twitter Card- a relatively simple way for businesses to transform their tweets past the basic 140 characters into a media rich tweet that drives traffic back to websites.  But to even further that connection with followers and to turn followers into leads (without having to even leave the Twitter platform) Twitter introduced their Lead Generation Card.  These cards allow businesses to collect leads, build email subscription lists and support existing marketing campaigns all in one tweet with a call to action button, as seen bellow:

Twitter Lead Generation Card



To use the Twitter Cards feature you'll first have to sign into your Twitter account and sign up for Twitter Ads which you can do on Twitter's Business page.  From there you will start building your advertising campaign and lead generation card.  Check out Twitter's Lead Gen Help Page for extra help on how to set up your campaign and download your leads.

Creating an Optional Endpoint with your CRM

It is also possible to set up your Lead Generation Card to automatically upload leads to your CRM.  Twitter provides this diagram of exactly how that process works:

Twitter Lead Gen Card to CRM


Your CRM provider will give you exact steps on how to set this up.  Twitter allows Lead Gen Cards with the following CRMS:

Click on any of the above CRM's and you will be taken to the endpoint set up page.  Happy tweeting!