Channeling your social media into email is a great strategy for your brand. There are lots of benefits for your brand to using social in email:

Value of using social media in email

Saves Time 
Email building can be a time consuming process, especially when it comes to creating the content. By syndicating the content from your social media, you can save time and energy. Not to mention that there is now software technology that can automatically input your content into email templates and send regularly without lifting a finger.

Leverage The Voice Of Your Fans
Social media is a the outlet for your fans to talk about your brand. Using this in your emails is a great way to create social proof to build trust with your customers.

Increase Engagement
By including your social media outlets in email, you’re giving a second life to that is an innately short lived platform. The lifespan of a Tweet is estimated to be 15 minutes, while a Facebook post lives for 3-5 hours, so capturing this content and sharing it with your fans gives them a second chance to engage with you.