There’s no doubt that the most effective marketing is word of mouth. The fact of the matter is that we value the opinion of other people more than we do expensive advertising campaigns and brands. Featuring your social media conversations in your email is a great wait to capture the nice things other people are saying about your brand and provide “social proof’ for your brand.

Word of mouth is most effective marketing. Leads to consumer empowerment, lead generation, positive interactions

Here are some great ways to use social media in email to promote more digital word of mouth:

  • Search for positive mentions of your brand on Twitter. Find instances of fans really enjoying or connecting with your brand.
  • Feature exciting moments from your brand on Facebook. Whether it was a new product announcement or an awesome event, find examples of your fans engaging with you.
  • Encourage your fans to engage. Use hashtag contests, comment contests, etc to encourage your fans to get involved in the conversation

Using social media posts from outlets such as Twitter and Facebook as your email marketing content provides nearly real time feedback from your actual customers and fans. This increases engagement and trust from your readers AND saves you time and money in the email building process. It’s a win-win-win.