Polaroid pictures: combine Instagram and Pinterest

Mixing your social media platforms is a great way to increase engagement. Instagram and Pinterest lend themselves to crosslinking because they are both image based. How do you go about it you ask? Here’s a few of the best ways to get your fans to check out both your Instagram page and your Pinterest page:

1) Challenge your fans to finish a Pinterest project and post a picture of it on Instagram. Be sure to encourage the use of hashtags so that you can easily search for the images.

2) Have your fans post their Instagram images of your brand on Pinterest. When your fans post an image of your brand on Instagram, you increase engagement and increase your presence on the platform.

3) Make fan boards. Make Pinterest boards with your fans’ photos. Fans love to be recognized, so featuring their images on your boards is a win-win.

Have more great ideas for the Instagram+Pinterest mashup? Leave them below!