You aren’t using hashtags in email yet? Well you should be! Hashtags increase engagement, and most importantly, are interesting for your fans. Here are some of the best ways to use hashtags in email:


Search for mentions of your brand. Search your brand’s hashtag and hashtags related to your brand to increase fan engagement and instill trust. Fans trust fans more than anything a brand says, so leverage their voices in your email.

Hold a hashtag contest. Hold a contest using your brand’s hashtags. Feature the best uses of your brand’s hashtags and include them in your email. This gives you a chance to feature your best brand advocates as well as let other fans who may have missed the contest engage.

Use related hashtags to support your brand. Search related hashtags to show that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry. Include hashtags from related companies or industry events so that your fans will look to you as the source for news.

Tell us how you use hashtags in your emails!