Social sharing is a quick and easy way to increase the circulation of your content.  By placing  simple sharing capabilities within a blog post, whitepaper or email you are able to greatly increase social interaction and engagement with potential customers.


How you share will often depend on your content.  Lets go over three types of content; Blog post, White Paper, and Email:

1. Blog Posts

One of the most common ways to share blog content is through social sharing buttons.  Sharing buttons can be created using a plugin or with a sharing button provider like AddThis, Dig Dig, or ShareThis.  The customizable buttons will look something like this:

share buttons

The provider will generate a line of code for you and explain where to place it within your HTML.  Once correctly placed you will see the share buttons either placed at the beginning, side, or end of a blog post (depending on what you choose) and your content will be ready to share.


2. White Papers

Inside of a whitepaper or PDF you can create a social share button that will link to your landing page using a link string.  This is a great way to share specific whitepapers or PDFs.
The one below is specifically for a call to action, “Share on Linkedin.” You would replace the part that is in blue with your landing page.

linkedin LinkedIn


facebook icon Facebook

For Facebook you would use the link shown below, again replacing the lettering in blue with the link to your landing page:

google plus icon Google+

The same goes for Google+:


Once a customer clicks on the link they will then have the opportunity to add their own message with the link before sharing.


 3. Email Marketing

Although often overlooked, Email is an important form of content that will benefit from sharing capabilities.  Most ESP platforms will have sharing capabilities already built in for your convenience.  However if that is not provided, you can use any social sharing provider (AddThis, ShareThis, Dig Dig) to add sharing functions to your email.

We particularly like the AddThis email share generator.

Happy Social Sharing!