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12 Unique Ideas for Your Next Email

Coming up with fresh ideas for emails and promos can be a major hassle when you’re juggling countless other tasks. Every marketer can use some inspiration from time to time, so here are 12 unique ideas for your email marketing, one for every month of the year: January Today is Data Privacy Day and tomorrow is National Corn Chip Day, so you can see there are a wide assortment of fun and interesting holidays in January. Use this opportunity to share something unique about your company and staff. This is a great chance to send out a creative email highlighting a special or different product from...

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What the Hell is a Data Extension? – ExactTarget Demystified Ep 1

What the Hell is an ExactTarget Data Extension? In this 1st Episode of The ExactTarget Demystified Video Series, I’ll unravel the mystery of Data Extensions in 1 minute. What is a data extension? How can it be used? What does it do?   There is also a ton of additional information at the links here specifically around when a list or a data extension is most useful:

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4 Revolutionary Behavioral Email Marketing Ideas

  When companies send mass emails with the goal of getting lots of opens, they’re pretty ineffective. Sending the same email to a broad range of customers makes it much harder to get them to click and convert, because the emails are not tailored to their interests or needs. The greatest potential benefit for your company are from promotional emails based on previous experiences and purchases of your customers. Rather than sending out a generic email to a lot of different people, send out specific emails to certain people based off of their previous experience with your company.  Promotional emails based on customer data...

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