The Twitter Connector is the easiest, most streamlined way to include Twitter in your emails. This tool allows you to search for any Twitter user, Tweet, hashtag, mention, or retweet and include it into your email. But it gets even better than that: Content(ctrl) also lets you:

Control the Display – With Content(ctrl) you have unlimited options as to how your content displays. Control the word count, title length, number of results that are displayed, what the call to action reads as, and exclude bad language and duplicates.

Control the Filters – Use filters to have even further control over your Tweets. Filter out not safe for work tweets, and filter by a specific language, or get even more specific by including or excluding replies, mentions, and retweets. Only want to display tweets in a specific area? Utilize the radius button to control how near or far your Tweets come from.

Control Picture and Video Content within Twitter – Twitter now allows you to post images and videos via Vine onto your feed. Control the size of the image or video frame, the call to action, and the number of videos and images are shown.

Basically, whatever parameters you want to put on your content, you can. It’s as easy as clicking a box.