Validate Your Business:

Face it. The things your customers and fans say about you is far more powerful than anything your marketing department can dream up. Amplifying the voice of the customer boosts credibility and drives 3x more engagement. In fact, 92 percent of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising (Word of Mouth Marketing Association).

Extend Your Messaging Lifespan:

The average lifespan of a tweet is extremely short (around 18 minutes by some estimates) so unless your followers are logged into Twitter and filtering through their timeline 24/7, they’re missing out on great content surrounding your brand. Using Twitter content in your email marketing extends the lifecycle of a tweet by allowing marketers to automatically search, collect and display tweets from any Twitter user into a self-optimized email that can be sent to your biggest fans—your email subscribers.

Be More Engaging:

Social Content is simply more engaging. In the US, 27% of all time online is spent on Social Media (MarketingProfs). Using Twitter and other social content in emails, drives 3x more engagement than traditional newsletters. Because of its real-time nature, Twitter content in email can be immensely relevant and timely.

Save Money:

Building email content from scratch is a drag. Between message ideation, copy writing, image insertion, coding, render testing, revising and re-testing, a simple monthly newsletter can take hours or even days to get to the final send. By recycling “fan-made” and “brand-made” content that has already been created on Twitter, you can slash the time and expense it takes to deploy email marketing by 95 percent.

Amplify the Influencers:

Twitter users tend to be an influential bunch. Twitter power users are 86 percent more likely to send tweets and are most likely to retweet or share your status updates or content (Twitter blog). By packaging your best influencer or fan-generated Twitter content into an easy-to-read email, it eliminates your subscribers (and brands fans) having to spend more time on Twitter searching for content in their cluttered, fast-moving timelines.  In addition, by including “best” content and influencer usernames in your emails, you can also encourage your fans to follow, share and engage with those influencers on Twitter.