Your potential customers are bombarded with messages everywhere they look: their favorite websites, their phones, television, billboards, everywhere! They are so overwhelmed that they’ve conditioned themselves to tune out these messages, ultimately rendering your campaigns useless.


There is a new paradigm in marketing: provide your potential customers with valuable and helpful content related to their problem or industry, then capture their business because you have positioned yourself as an expert in your field. You never have to worry about catching your potential customers at the right moment, because they came looking for you. The trick is to have strong, well ranking content so that you reach your potential customers when they come looking.

Make sure your content is:

  1. Insightful – People crave knowledge, experience and real stories that improve their lives.

  2. Concise – Would you be more willing to read 500 words or 5,000 words? Respect your customer’s time.
  3. Not a sales pitch – If it sounds like you’re trying to make a sale, you won’t make the sale.
  4. Attached to your website – Make sure that once they’ve decided to buy they can find you quickly.