Building emails used to be a long, tedious process. It took hours of man power to design, program and write content for an email. Here are a few tips on how to slash the time it takes to build your emails:


Building an email from scratch is inefficient. Creating templates for your emails is a great investment of your time because they can be used over and over with only a content swap and some minor modifications. 


Syndication technology means that your previously created content can be inserted automatically into your premade templates without lifting a finger. Between your social media outlets and your blog, there’s plenty of rich content to syndicate into your emails. It’s a win-win: You get increased engagement on your social media, blogs, etc AND you don’t have to write copy specifically for your emails. 

Test and Optimize

Invest time into ensuring that you have quality framework for your syndicated content to sit in. Seems self explanatory, but the more you test and optimize your templates and your emails, the easier it will be to create email later. Small, iterative tests mean fewer bugs and headaches later.