Cyber Monday sales

You spent weeks preparing an email campaign that would wow your customers and offer great deals for Cyber Monday. The holiday has since come and gone, and now, as you look back at the results of the campaign, you’re shocked to see that your open and click through rates are embarrassingly low. Here are three reasons why your campaign may have flopped:

1. You appeared out of nowhere – If you haven’t had any contact with your customers for the last 10 months, then you suddenly send an email daily about your Cyber Monday deals, your customers will disengage.

2. You didn’t customize your message – Just like any other emails that you send, you should’ve been customizing your emails to your customers. Have they purchased something from you before? What did they buy? Did they just sign up? You messaging should be customized around where the customer is in their relationship with you.

3. You focused on selling, not helping – Sure, sales are the goal, but if the customer feels like they’re just being manipulated, they’re going to be turned off. Give your customers the information they need: store hours, directions, deals on the items that they’ve purchased in the past.

Did you have success in your Cyber Monday emails? What’s your secret?