We are excited to announce some new features and improvements that we have made to the Content (Ctrl) application. Below are three that we are particularly excited about. This is just the beginning or a series of announcements that we have coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Introducing Custom Designs:

One of the most commonly requested features over the past year has been the ability to build custom designs. That feature is now live. Now you can build your own custom colors and fonts. You have complete control over titles, descriptions, borders, links and more. Build a color scheme that exactly fits your brand or template.

ContentControl Custom Designs 

New Publish Options:

We have overhauled the publish experience to create a more intuitive and easy step through publish process. We’ve also added a time savings calculator so you can show your boss how much time you are saving using Content (Ctrl). For ExactTarget users who don’t want to use Content Syndication, we have added the ability to publish HTML content blocks into ExactTarget automatically.


Social Email Content Types

New Content (Radar) Activation:

For those clients using Content (Radar) automation, we have overhauled the activation process to set up a trigger. This provides a more intuitive activation designed for the most common Content (Radar) use cases.

Content Radar Automation