Facebook is a great platform to use in email. It’s a great way to create relevant email content that is interesting to your readers. Here are a few great ways to utilize Facebook in email:

  1. Use Facebook Comments As Social Proof  

    We’ve said it before: What fans say about your brand is much more important to consumers than what you as the company says about your brand. Leverage this in your emails to increase trust.image

  2. Expand Your Fan’s Horizons 

    With new software technology, you can use more than your own social media outlets in your email. Include other relevant Facebook posts to keep your fans interested as well as position yourself as a brand that has its finger on the pulse of your industry.image

  3. Use As A Social Digest 

    Select the best posts from your Facebook and compile them into a social digest. Big events, posts with high engagement, and pictures are all great types of content to include to keep your fans up to speed with your brand.image

Are you using Facebook in email yet? What types of content have you found to be most successful?