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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer?

We’ve Got You Covered.

Syndicate Real-Time, Personalized Smart Blocks

Stream and publish real-time content from anywhere online directly into Salesforce Marketing Cloud email campaigns, automations, and Customer Journeys. Reduce costly services engagements and complex implementations. Easily build and manage personalization rules to deliver relevant content with every message.

Trigger Emails and Launch Customer Journeys

Imagine if you could “listen” to any content stream, website or digital signal in real-time and trigger complex content marketing campaigns, alerts or Customer Journeys. With StoryPorts Content Radar Automation, you can do exactly that. Easily configure triggers that deliver relevant timely emails through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Engage at Every Step of the Customer Journey

The StoryPorts team has been working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (previously ExactTarget) for more than a decade. We know it inside and out. That’s why StoryPorts is fully integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and powers some of the most impressive capabilities and use cases in 1:1 marketing.

How to Install the StoryPorts App for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Access your StoryPorts account from directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud without a separate login. Stream real-time content from anywhere online into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Smart Blocks, Emails and Cloud Pages. Trigger news alerts, media alerts, customer journeys, automated newsletters and more.

Power Smart Blocks for Every Customer Journey

Every Customer Journey needs captivating, timely, and personalized content. StoryPorts content solutions take hours rather than weeks to deploy and cost a fraction of custom services investments. Content can be used for emails, mobile, predictive intelligence, or as data feeds — and are delivered automatically in real-time.

Personalize with Real-Time Content

Relevant, timely content has never been more critical to audience engagement. With StoryPorts Smart Blocks, emails are always up-to-date, personalized, and engaging. Smart Blocks are an essential add-on to any Salesforce Marketing Cloud account and reduce costly service engagements.

Auto-Update Emails With Streams

Streams take the grunt work out of building emails. Add Streams to your emails so your message is always automatically up-to-date with the latest and greatest content at time of send. We take all of the work out of producing outstanding email campaigns.

Trigger Automated Emails, News Digests and Real-Time Alerts

Using Smart Filters, StoryPorts can “listen” to any digital channel or signal and trigger personalized alerts, digests, reminders and notifications. Set it and forget it!

Blog Digests, Weather Alerts, Automated Newsletters, Product Notifications and Social Updates are just a few of the use cases our clients have dreamed up.

Award winning technology...

"StoryPorts has done wonders in supporting our efforts to increase engagement, practice relevant audience targeting and maximize operational efficiency so that we can focus on super-serving our broad roster of artists and their fans.”

Itay Rahat - Director, CRM Product Solutions
Warner Music Group

Happy Customers Make Our World Go ‘Round

Here are just a few of ours:

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