How It Works

Double your open and click rates with real-time media, video and news alerts. Keep your subscribers engaged with news as it happens. Let them hear it from you first. StoryPorts’ Media Alerts ensure that as soon as media is released online, a beautiful, custom email is created for send. Popular business cases include Breaking News Alerts, YouTube Video Notifications and Press Releases.

This package includes a beautiful, mobile responsive and custom branded email according to your design. Tested across all major email clients.  Alerts can be automatically sent or require approval from you first. This feedback loop will guarantee you are sending out the right news, at the right time, to the right customers.

Media Alerts

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Works with These Service Provider

Use Media Alerts with Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp or SailThru









"A digital marketer's dream..."

"StoryPorts has allowed us to create truly dynamic and responsive emails, saving us a considerable amount of time while delivering the most relevant, personal and engaging emails we've ever been able to create. It's a digital marketer's dream."

JM Chilgren, Digital Marketing Manager
TV Land | Viacom