StoryPorts + Omeda

StoryPorts transforms the way publishers and editors build emails, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of newsletter production.

Email Creation Simplified

Enable content creators, marketers andadvertising operators to quickly build and QA brand compliant, pixel perfect emails.

Send Through Omeda

Instantly send emails managed in StoryPorts through Omeda for audience targeting and deep analytics.

“The time it took for the editorial team to create a newsletter was reduced from 20 minutes, down to 5 minutes; a 75% reduction in time spent on email creation. This allowed them to focus more attention on content creation, rather than technical newsletter building and testing. With the time saved on email creation, the Northstar team has jumped from approximately 40 digital newsletters to 60 and counting.”

Roberta Muller | SVP Digital | Northstar Travel Media

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Built for Publishers

StoryPorts empowers B2B Publishers to increase revenue through their email campaigns and marketing automation while drastically decreasing the time to build and manage newsletters, promos, digests and sponsored mailers.

The StoryPorts integration with Omeda enables our customers to send to Omeda audiences and track drive deep analytics and insights across campaigns.

Simplify your workflow

Customers such as Northstar Travel Media and Watt Global use the Omeda + StoryPorts integration to manage their email creation, ad placement, and editor workflows while maintaining brand guidelines.

Reduce email production time

Northstar Travel Media reports a 66% cut in email production time by using StroyPorts which has allowed them to increase revenue and bring new publications on-line that they previously didn’t have bandwidth to manage.

About Omeda

Omeda provides the industry’s leading, end-to-end audience management solution. Our full suite of products and delivery channels including CDP, Marketing Automation, Metering, Social, and Display are designed to drive audience and digital revenue across your entire organization.

This suite of products simplifies your complex MarTech stack, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best. Omeda’s differentiator is that our MarTech suite leverages our deep understanding of your data.

This enables us to successfully bring together your disparate data silos, creating a real-time, fully managed and governed, single view of your audience

What our customers are saying:

Hundreds of man hours saved monthly.
300% Engegemnet lift.
75% cut in email production time.
25% increase in email output.

90% reduction in time and costs.
120% engagement lift.

Time is money. Save both.

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