We are super excited today to announce a new tool for all you email geeks out there. We’ve constructed a free video in email builder!

There are a number of reasons to put video in your email, especially HTML5 video that can actually play inside of your email. Now, the geeks know that some devices will play video in email. Others will provide a fallback that then clicks through to a website and so forth. There are different schools of thought on, “Hey, do you want people to click to your website? Do you want them to be able to view the video inside of the email?” Whichever you believe, there are times when playing video in email is right, and there are times when clicking through to your website and allowing them to engage on your website is the right thing to do.

Our new video in email builder is available now, check it out by clicking below. There you will find this great little tool that we’ve created. And it’s very, very simple. All you need to do is host your video someplace where it can stream on your website, your MP3 file. You’re also gonna host a .ogg format; that’s a fallback for Firefox users. Give it a fallback image so if the device cannot play the video, it will at least show an image, plus it will link to the site where your video can play. You can also alternatively provide a poster image, put in the width and height, and we generate the email code as cut and paste that you can then take and put in your email.

It’s mobile responsive, it’s fully formatted, it’s ready to go. We have to send a shout out to Email on Acid for basically doing the testing and so forth to get this code sample ready. It’s free so please use it, abuse it, and bring us feedback as you go. If there are any questions, anyway that we can improve, at the bottom of this page you can see a link to help. You can also use our handy chat here and let us know what you think and how we might be able to support your video in email efforts. We would love to hear from you!


  1. Make a video and save it in both a .MP4 and .OOG formats
  2. Host the video files on your website and keep the URLs handy
  3. Create a poster image (ie. what somebody sees before the video plays)
  4. Create a fallback image (ie. what somebody sees if their device won’t play videos
  5. Enter the information into the form below and we’ll automatically create the code you can cut and paste into your email or newsletter

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