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This training document will describe the steps needed to successfully complete a search for content using the StoryPorts Instagram Connector.


Before you can search using Instagram, you will need to activate the Instagram connector.

Instagram Activation Instructions

Already have an authenticated Instagram channel, but need to update the user credentials? Due to recent updates to the Instagram API, we have created a section that covers the steps needed to re-authenticate the Instagram content connector. If this scenario better suits, keep scrolling!

To begin, from Storyports App go to the connectors menu. From there, select the Instagram logo. Accept Instagram’s Terms of Use and then click “Activate.”

Instagram Connector.png

Provide Instagram Permissions:

You’ll then need to give your channel a ‘Title’ and define a hashtag search if you so choose.  The following screenshot shows where you need to first give your Instagram channel a ‘Title’ *you can enter anything here you’d like).

Authenticate Instagram.png

Instagram is now activated.


Steps Re-Authenticate an Instagram Channel…

Why is this important:

Instagram recently changed their API (how we get your posts) to no longer allow users to search for public profiles. You can now ONLY pull back your own authenticated users content, not search for anyone else. If you have additional questions after reviewing this guide, send us a line! We’d love to hear from you.

Let’s get to it

Step 1: ContentCTRL or Email Studio?

This guide includes steps for both Content CTRL or Email Studio use-cases. Determine if your StoryPorts account uses Content Ctrl or Email Studio to retrieve Instagram content. If you use the “Content CTRL” navigation in the app, then you likely use ContentCTRL, otherwise you likely used Studio.

Below are screenshots that help you.

Content CTRL Example

Email Studio Example

Step 2: Log out of Instagram on your browser

You must Log Out of Instagram in your browser, outside of StoryPorts or else when you attempt to re-authenticate it will automatically use your currently logged in user.

To do this, go to in your browser’s address bar, select the Profile icon in the top right corner, click the Gear icon, and then select Log Out.

Below is a screenshot:

Step 3: Re-Authenticate the Channel

Content Ctrl Users:

1) Navigate to Connectors / Instagram

2) Re-Authenticate all Channels with their respective user credentials.

3) Access existing Content Blocks and Clear Search Fields for Hashtag Search and User Search. This will display the authenticated user’s media by default.

Hint: Hit Enter on your keyboard if the content does not refresh after clearing the Hashtag and User field(s).

4) Republish your content

Note: Any email with a Content Ctrl Instagram block will trigger ET Raise Error and fail the email send if these changes are not made.

StoryPorts Studio Users –

Step 1: Navigate to StoryPorts Studio (Email, Smartblocks, Automations, Workflows, etc). You will need to access an existing email to make any changes to the Instagram search criteria.

Hint: When accessing an existing email, be sure another user is not currently working on that email to avoid overwriting any changes that may not be saved.

Step 2: On Search, Select Instagram

Step 3: Under the Instagram Icon, Select the drop-down arrow

Step 4. A dialogue will appear. Select the Gear Icon, then Select Re-Authorize. 

Step 5. Provide Instagram Permissions

Step 6. Click on “Your posts” to retrieve the content from the authenticated Instagram channel.

Step 7. Save as a stream.

Step 8. Replace the New IG stream in the Studio with the former block of content and click Publish Changes.  

That’s it! You are now on your way to StoryPorts Ninja status. #winning

Instagram: How to Search for Content

If you are having issues returning correct search results or if you have questions about the Instagram content connector in StoryPorts, please reference our FAQ section. Otherwise, the steps below will tell you all you need to know to get started.

Step 1. Accessing Search

Click on the ‘Search’ tab located at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 2. Select The Instagram Channel

Select the Instagram icon from the platform display below the Search tab.

Tip: If you receive an error when clicking on the Instagram connector, please reference our FAQ: How to Activate Instagram.

If you do not see the Instagram icon, click the “+” icon to the right of the platform display. Here you can rearrange your platform display list by dragging and dropping icons.

Step 3. Finding Content

You can find content by selecting either Your Posts, or #

Your Posts

This allows the user to view any content from the authorized account.

Error Code: RPJSON-2

RPJSON-2 means that there are no results to retrieve based on the search criteria. You may need to ensure the connector is fully authenticated to your account. Navigate over to Connectors (left-hand fly out panel), and check out the Channels in Instagram. In this case, the account I used to authenticate this connector does not have any posts, therefore I will not retrieve any content when searching under “Your Posts”.

But we can still perform a hashtag or search for content from another Instagram user!

Hashtag Search

Step 1: Select the “#” search option

Step 2: Enter the hashtag term in the search box. Don’t forget the hashtag!

Step 3: Click the magnify glass. The results will populate below.

User Search


To find content from a specific user, use this option.

Step 1: Select “User” from the search options

Step 2: Enter the Instagram account name in the search bar

Step 3: Click on the magnify glass. The results will populate below.

Tips and Tricks: Instagram Search Options

Number of Results: Want to use a Gallery Layout with Instagram images? We have many to choose from. When saving a search as a stream, we recommend retrieving the number of images to be used in that layout. In the below example, I dropped in a 4×4 Gallery Layout, saved my search options to “4”, and then dropped in the most recent content.

Save as a Stream

Now that you have refined your search, you may wish to save this as a Stream. A Stream is a saved search that includes your search parameters and render options. These streams can be added to emails, smart blocks, automations and other StoryPorts tools. A stream automatically refreshes with the newest content whenever it is accessed in the StoryPorts studio or during an automation.

    1. Locate and Click the ‘Save Stream’ button (next to ‘Options’).
    2. When prompted by the Same Stream pop-out window, give your Stream a name of reference.
    3. If you wish to use this Stream of content among other StoryPorts APPS in your account, such as Radar Automations, or Emails; click the Shared Streams with other Apps box.
    4. Click ‘Save’ to save your Stream.

After the Instagram Stream has been saved, you will be directed to the Streams Tab of the studio tools.  For more information on how to use Streams in an email, check out our Guide to Streams in Email!

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