Author: Mark Campbell

Introducing Automated Email Image Carousels

The world is changing… and so is email! What was once a “flat” channel is becoming vibrant, animated and interactive thanks to new standards in HTML5 and CSS3. StoryPorts has quietly experimented with updates to our interactive image carousel for email and we’re excited to announce that these updates are immediately available for everybody. The feedback has been wonderful with reports of an increase in engagement, interactivity, and eloquent design rendering. StoryPorts new interactive image carousel leverages advanced CSS techniques to provide beautiful scrolling images, great looking fallbacks, and design options. Set Images to Auto-Scroll Movement in email is the next big thing. With the auto-scrolling...

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[New Features] The Optimus Micro Release Highlights

StoryPorts has some great new features you certainly want to check out! With the release of The Optimus Micro, you will now be able to manage images in your account as well as mass import content to your Collections with a single click. Faster Studio Experience. Improved Load Time. In order to speed up the general experience of using StoryPorts studio, Modules are now the default. This assures that Search streams do not have to refresh every time an email is accessed.   Mass Import Content Users now as the ability to mass import content directly to StoryPorts Collections with a CSV file....

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