Author: David DeVore

[New Feature] The World’s First Spotify Player for Email

Music’s Second Digital Revolution In 2016, the U.S. music industry saw its first double-digit growth in almost 20 years as streaming took off. One of the biggest players in the streaming music game is Spotify who had over 160 million active users and 60 million paying subscribers as of July 2017. It was no surprise when Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Universal Music Group all requested that StoryPorts provide them an easy, scalable, and affordable way to embed a Spotify player into email campaigns. Introducing The Spotify Email Widget The Spotify Email Widget supports Albums and Playlists. It is...

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3 Easy Ways to Create Animated GIFs for Email Marketing

Research from Litmus 2016 State of Email Design says that almost 50% of email marketers have never used an animated GIF. 23% or email marketers rarely use animated GIFs. Animated GIFS are a great way to provide interactive and engaging content in email campaigns. Here are three super easy ways to create animated GIFs for your email campaigns. Animated GIF Tools for Email Marketing Download a FREE Chrome app, Make a Gif. This app is great. Using this app, you can record a piece of YouTube and add directly into an email. You can also create a simple video through...

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[New Features] The Mars Volta Summer ‘17 Release Highlights

Why is this release named The Mars Volta? The word Volta in the band name, Mars Volta,  was taken from a Fellini book about his films. He called the changing over of a scene, the Volta. Changing of time is exactly what this release is all about. The growth, evolution, and turning of the corner with many updates to the user experience and face of our application. To begin with, you will notice our new dashboard. A single-view look at what is going on in your StoryPorts account. Also, to enrich the user experience, we’ve simplified clickstreams and work...

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