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How it All Started

It was a blazing-hot Midwestern summer in August 2014, and user-generated content was becoming more prevalent than ever before. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) was thriving and had just introduced the concept of “customer journeys” to its uber-successful email marketing product. That’s when a few ExactTarget “alums” began discussing the foundation of successful customer journeys (and all digital marketing) — fan-made and brand-made content.

There were so many rich stories to be told. There were many platforms like ExactTarget to deliver digital messages. Yet, there wasn’t an easy way for marketers to to bring those two together — yet.

Thus, StoryPorts was born.

Where We Are Today

By combining the power of a search engine with real-time automation and a simple drag-and-drop content studio, StoryPorts now helps businesses save 95% of production time needed to create outstanding email and content marketing campaigns. Our software integrates with 30+ social, video, CMS, and event channels that help you find, listen, syndicate, and build personalized email and web content with minimal effort.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, StoryPorts is also home to some of the foremost content, email, and CRM experts in the industry who help marketers tell incredible stories using rich content across the web. How do they do it? In a relaxed, fun-loving environment that’s focused on hard work, smarts, and results over process.

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