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Easily capture, amplify and measure user generated content, brand stories and video marketing in real-time across email, mobile, social and sites.

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StoryPorts connects your content for easy use in email campaigns, web experiences and scalable marketing automation programs.


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Build Your Audience

Do you want to acquire, retain and grow loyal customers? How about owning the relationship and driving engagement? We don’t just help grow your list, we  help grow your audience.

Distribute Your Stories

So you spent the time growing your brand, activating social media and building your story. We take your best brand-made and fan-made stories and distribute them to email, mobile, social and sites.

Share Your Social Proof

What people are saying about your product, brand or event  is the best kind of marketing. We help businesses find their social proof, curate it and share it through any channel.

Make More Money

We get it. If it don’t make dollars, than it don’t make sense. We help businesses use their most important assets in content, subscribers, social and brand advocates to help drive measurable return on investment.

Features and Capabilities

StoryPorts helps marketers amplify their best website, social, news, video, blog and store content and extend their story’s lifespan, reach, audience and cross-channel distribution.


Automated Email Newsletters

Ask most email marketers and they’ll tell you that newsletter content is painful. We automate newsletters by syndicating content from your existing social, website and ecommerce destinations.

Blog, News and Product Alerts

Your breaking news, blog and new products deserve attention. We automate real time content alerts and daily digests so that your subscribers are always the first to know.

Social Email Widgets and Digests

Want to get more attention for your social media, grow more followers and display social proof? We aggregate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more into automated social digests and email content widgets.

YouTube Video Alerts

So you posted a new video on YouTube? Sit back and relax while we assemble and distribute an automated YouTube Video Alert to your subscribers. Give the people what they want.

Social Walls, Web Widgets & Visualizations

Add social proof, media galleries and visualizations to your website, landing pages, mobile app or email campaign. Boost engagement, drive word of mouth and grow your subscribers.

List Growth and Member Activation

Grow your subscriber list using single social sign on, simple forms and subscribe to anything opportunities. We’ve made subscriber acquisition simple, effective and everywhere.

Geo-Segmentation and Targeting

Where are your customers? We can show you as well a provide high ROI segmentation and targeting. We help deliver the right content, to the right person in the right location.

Mobile Transformations

Everybody is mobile and your campaigns should be too. We power mobile apps, responsive emails, websites, social aggregation and list growth that looks great and functions on every device.

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Hey, don't just take our word for it...

Outside Lands prides itself on being at the forefront of digital technology. We were able to deliver an automated digital digest the morning after each day of the festival. It was an incredible tool that used very little of our personal bandwidth to create during a time we were all stretched thin. Bryan Duquette

Festival Producer, Another Planet Entertainment

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us out with a solution for the blog email. We’ve seen some great growth in our subscription base over the past several months, and it has been great working with you.

Jennifer Ribble

Manager, Global Content Strategy, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Content (Ctrl) has allowed us to create truly dynamic and responsive emails, saving us a considerable amount of time while delivering the most relevant, personal and engaging emails we’ve ever been able to create. It’s a digital marketer’s dream!

JM Chilgren

Digital Marketing Manager , TV Land | Viacom


Resources, News, Tips and Tricks

4 free tools for using animated GIFs in email campaigns

Animated GIFs are a great way to make email marketing more unique and appealing. Studies have shown that emails with GIFs generate a 12% increase in profit from customers and a 5% increase in click-through rates. Yet, only 11% of email marketers are using GIFs,... read more

Why is Facebook so Damn Addictive?

I’ve been reading a fantastic book by Nir Eyal called “Hooked – How to Build Habit Forming Products.” In it Nir explores the brain’s trigger + reward response to being stimulated by software, games and social networks. Uhg! What’s... read more

So You Hate Your Forms? Try Social Sign-On.

Marketers often struggle to convert visitors to subscribers because of their complicated registration process. Studies show that 90% of visitors will go to a different site rather than having to go through the process of retrieving a lost password or creating a new... read more


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